Frequently Asked Questions

My cat has never been boarded before. Will he/she be alright?
Cats become very attached to their own home environment and can find the change at first, somewhat upsetting. The car journey is generally not appreciated, the new surroundings can appear strange and even frightening to some. However, as cats have a wonderful ability to adapt to a given situation you can be sure that after a day or so they will have settled into the routine here and become quite relaxed and happy.
How old does my kitten have to be to board?
Your kitten can be boarded one week after his final vaccination.
What can I bring with my cat to make him/her feel at home?
Bring his bed or a rug - something that smells of home that will help him settle in. If you don't have anything specific we can supply bedding. We also supply food bowls, litter trays, toys, scratching posts etc. but if he has favorite toys bring those as well.
What do the cats get fed?
Any sudden dietary changes can be harmful for a cat's health therefore we feed exactly what is fed at home. We stock a wide range of popular brands. Raw or home cooked food can also be arranged. If your cat were on a prescription diet we would ask you to supply this food.
How often are the cats fed?
Generally, everyone is fed twice a day, morning and evening. However, extra meals for younger cats that are still growing or older cats who require a little and often or cats with special dietary needs can be arranged.
Do you administer medication?
Yes we are trained to give oral medication and diabetic injections.
What if my cat is taken ill while he/she is staying with you?
We have a very good relationship with a small animal practice in Navan. If your cat has a recurring illness they can liaise with your own vet to decide treatment.
Is there a limit to the maximum number of cats per chalet?
Up to 4 cats from the same family can stay in the larger chalets. If you have more than 4 cats we can remove one of the adjoining panels to connect 2 units together.
Can we visit the cattery prior to booking?
Yes we encourage all new customers to come and meet us and view the cattery.
Who are International Cat Care and why are they important?
International Cat Care formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through improved feline knowledge. In 1958 when the FAB was founded, little was really known about cats or their veterinary needs. FAB gathered information from a variety of sources and funded vets to specialise in feline care and so had a major influence on early advances in veterinary treatment.
That work and influence continues to this day, not only in the treatment of disease but in establishing standards for boarding catteries and providing information, both specific and general, to cat lovers everywhere.