Rates and Conditions

The rates for boarding are as follows:

  • 1 Cat - €18 per day
  • 2 Cats Sharing - €25 per day
  • 3 Cats Sharing - €29 per day
  • 4 Cats Sharing - €32 per day
  • During the months June – September inclusive also Easter and Christmas/New Year we have a minimum charge of €100. At all other times we have a minimum charge of €60

(only cats from the same family can share a unit)

Rates are per day or part thereof. However, on the day of collection if the cat is collected before 10am there is no charge for that day. Anytime after that is subject to full charge.

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully as our terms and conditions are designed to safeguard the health and well-being of your cat.

Only cats that have a current vaccination certificate against Feline Infections Entiritis & upper respirartory infections (Cat Flu) can be accepted for boarding. Owners must produce an up to date inoculation certificate on arrival.

No cat suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from, any infectious or contagious disease can be accepted. All cats will be examined on arrival, therefore the proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat showing any signs of ill health, pending the advice from a Veterinary Surgeon. Owners will appreciate that this is essential, in order to safeguard the health of all the cats boarded.

Veterinary attendance is assured and any treatment considered advisable will be carried out. All treatment prescribed prior to boarding can be continued during the cats stay. Any veterinary expenses incured must be covered by the owners.

Male cats over the age of seven months, which have not been neutered, will not be accepted for boarding.

Whilst every care and precaution is taken during boarding, responsibility can only be accepted at the owners risk.